Blue Leopard Flooring is one of the top brands and a well-known trademark in China and is well-accepted worldwide.
Their products are derived from resource and processing.

We are sustainable

Forestry Management


The manufacturer of Blue Leopard Flooring, Yong’an Forestry, owns 12,000 hectares of forest, and 12 million cubic metre forest reserves and remain committed to the development and management of fast growing, high yield forestry resources. At present Yong’an Forestry is working on a project that encompasses 66,700 hectares of such forestry and, together with our joint venture partners, Yong’an Forestry remains committed to continual development and improvement of sustainable forestry mangement.

We are certified.

MDF/HDF Production


Utilizing German Schench HDF Production Lines and exclusive Norwegian DYNO Adhesives, Yong’an Blue Leopard Flooring was awarded a few national certificates for their moisture-resistant HDF and laminate floors. In addition, in 2006 and 2007, Yong’an Blue Leopard Flooring won the China Top Brand award and China Well-known Trademark award are qualified for Certificate for the Exemption from Export Inspection.