About us

At Brightie Timber Flooring Pty Ltd, we not only just offer a product but also offer a total solution, from floors to stairs, underlays, finishing profiles, and many accessories. Our range of products guarantees an unrivaled result every time. Please remember the details make the difference.


We have supplied Australian market for over 10 years and had no complaints at all. Many return customers highly recommended our products to their friends which gained our reputation quickly.


Blue Leopard Laminate flooring has all the benefits of solid hardwood flooring without any of the disadvantages. The surface finish is virtually identical to natural timber while being far more wear-resistant. In addition, Blue Leopard laminate will not fade under the harsh Australian sun.


The core of all our flooring products is constructed of high-density wood with an extremely high-density rating of 9.3, making them much stronger than many other boards on the market.


Proudly, Blue Leopard flooring is completely safe and environmentally friendly with absolutely no toxic emissions.


There are four layers for Blue Leopard Laminate flooring:


  1. Transparent Wear-Resistant Layer- Highly resistant to stains, wear, impact, scratches, burns, and household chemicals.
  2. Design layer- Realistic, natural designs to give the feel of natural timber.
  3. Water Resistant HDF Core Board- Much stronger than normal chipboard or MDF board.
  4. Balancing Layer- Moisture-resistant underlayer that guarantees a stable product.


Why choose Blue Leopard Flooring?


  • Zero Emissions
  • Hardcore
  • The high AC4 wear layer
  • Burn Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Fade Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant


Our Native Series of products provide a stunning longboard of 1900mm to ensure a high-end finish. The colour range is wide and inspired by natural timber itself, creating a designer look for every room in your home.


Why choose Native Engineered Oak timber flooring?


  • Elegance
  • Natural beauty
  • Sustainability
  • Convenience
  • Stylish